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My Dad’s Two Cents

Posted on: October 31, 2005

Mom told Dad my decision. He took it well, she said. But he did make a comment, and I couldn't help but smile sheepishly.

Didn't she make a comment about Mimi converting to another religion because she (Mimi) was a Child of Mary (COM) member in high school?

Indeed, I made such a comment more than 5 years ago. I think. I am not sure. But I didn't question the reason why my aunt converted. I simply wondered why because she was the more religious among us.

I don't profess to be religious. I am more spiritual than religious. Precisely because I had questions that my theology professors, religion teacher and even my parish priest could not answer. They simply chalked it up to a teenager or young adult asking questions which they ignored simply because they didn't have the answers. Or maybe they did have the answers but I didn't understand them. Maybes. What ifs. It is all in the past now.

Nevertheless, my father's comment made me realize that years ago, I was too quick with my tongue. I hope this is something that does not hold true now.

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