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Posted on: November 3, 2005

I was finally able to test my webcam last night. It was fun. Just thinking about it makes me smile from ear to ear, all my front and side teeth showing. It was in the living room last night; now it is here in my room. I get to use my wireless optical mouse and keyboard, too.

I am so boring today. I mean, I don't feel 100% but here I am, still at it. Logged on as soon as I got home. Why do I even bother to deny that I am addicted to the net? Teehee!! What drama!

Early afternoon, I had loads of fun in my office. I couldn't believe I did what I did. Oh well…I can't believe what I did last night, either, so why don't I just cut the BS and just enjoy the memories. It amazes me to realize that there is a side to me that I don't often let out, but when I do, nothing can stop me, either. It is a surprise to know I can be very evil, too.

No wonder C and G each raised an eyebrow when a book on zodiac signs described me as "extremely kind." I can agree with the description; they, on the other hand, agree on the extremely but not the kind part. Ah well… half the fun is proving the people wrong.


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