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Posted on: November 5, 2005

i am bored out of my mind

I can only read so much. I can't believe how "unproductive" my day seems. I hope I fare better at my 6pm appointment. Spending a Saturday doing something other than loaf, sleep, read, write, sleep, eat, watch tv, sleep is such a waste of a precious weekend day.


update @ 11:33pm

My 6pm appointment was a doozey, too. Pardon me but it just amuses me when people ask you questions and then rush you into giving the correct answer. Just because they know the answers to the questions doesn't mean they will just wait for the keywords to spew forth from your mouth and voila! perfect score. Duh!! But I should be more considerate. As one friend said, "Maybe he was new and was nervous." Yeah, maybe.

Anyway, I think I passed. But somehow, it doesn't change the fact that I asked for a postponement because I felt I wasn't ready. Until now, something doesn't quite seem right. Now whether I did or did not do something is just an added headache. My heart and mind not agreeing about this particular thing is something that pushes me to pause, take stock and rethink everything.


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