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Posted on: November 10, 2005

The call last night was, well, weird. It felt like I was chatting with friends or social acquaintances, not prospective employers. Good sign, bad sign? Geez! Who knows with these things?

It left me with such a dubious taste in my mouth that I couldn't sneak in a wink no matter how I tried. I ended up finally catching some z's at about 2am. Which led me to wake up sluggish and not wanting to come to work because I still wanted some nap time. But… duty called. Sigh.


I am nowhere near a decision about where to go from wherever it is I am at right now.

Career. Duh!! Next!!

Home life. All is well in Green Valley country. Thank God for huge favors.

Ever after. Like I have a choice in the matter? Gimme a friggin' break. I feel like I am swinging in yo-yo land here. One minute I am so intent in following my heart and my mind says it agrees; next minute I am screaming "what in the hell were you thinking?!!" monologues at myself.

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