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Posted on: November 27, 2005

It's been a long and really relaxing 3.5-day weekend. I have done nothing but sleep early (in the morning, that is ), wake up at noon, eat, watch tv and the host of dvds I borrowed, check email, catch up on my online comics and surf. Pretty much the alternative vacation I envisioned for myself. I say alternative because the original plan (one that went pfft because of bad timing) was to go to Baguio and Manila.

Everything in its place at the right time.
Just when I wasn't all that excited as before about looking for that place that would call home to me, I found it . It is the cutest studio pad I have ever seen. It is not the 2-or-3-bedroom apartment I initially had in mind, but it is the ideal place for me right now as I really just want a place I can go to and just be.

It is all falling into place:
1. not getting the final call back from that prospective employer in Manila that I was beginning to like coincided with me finding the place that is perfect for me right now;
2. due to unforseen circumstances, my trip to Manila-Baguio got postponed and in its place is a possible trip to Bohol or Boracay instead;
3. events 1 & 2 happening gave me more time to spend with family now that I am moving out in a few weeks.

I have been busy making a list of things:
1. what I would need for the move;
2. additional questions to ask of the landlady;
3. compare DSL subscription plans from PLDT & Globe;
4. essential things that Mom is generously letting me have so I don't live like a pauper the first few months I stay at my new place;
5. state of my finances.
This last item being the most important as this maps out how I am going to live within my monthly salary and with all the expenses I now have and will have starting the day I put my stuff in the truck and haul them to the new place.

I am excited and anxious. More on the latter, actually. The thing I have been wanting to do since seven years ago is finally within my grasp. I know it is going to be a little bit tough since I have gotten used to having the conveniences of having everything I need at home, but I know I will be more than fine.


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