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Posted on: December 30, 2005

Today, the start of my 4-day holiday, gave me the opportunity to stay at the apartment for the entire day. I am slowly adjusting to the sounds of the neighborhood. I have gotten over the initial irritation at finding out that I can hear the jeepneys, cars, motorcycles from the street a couple of meters away because I am right smack across a gasoline station which doesn't provide any buffer whatsoever, and of course, the shouts of children and the gossip of the neighbors.

The task of arranging all things mine is taking up most of my free time. One thing wonderful about this being my own space is that I am unhurried to make everything neat and in order. I can arrange, rearrange and rearrange again until I am satisfied. Then when an idea strikes, rearrange yet again. No internet and cable tv connections make for nice alone time. As soon as I have those two — internet and cable — I just know I will be glued to the tube at primetime to watch all my favorite shows, or logging on, as soon as I get home. This is one of those rare times I can say, "There is life without both. For a limited time."

I am happy as my goal for the last week of the year has been achieved: my place is ready for comfy living and my brother has moved to his new room.

Here's to 2006!!


Currently listening to: memory, sugarcult
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