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Initial Entry

Posted on: January 3, 2006

First day at work. Busy busy. What warms the heart is reading all the offline messages from friends saying they miss chatting with you; wishing you a happy new year; asking when you will be back so you can spend afternoons chatting again.


I am slowly getting used to the idea of going home to the apartment and not anymore to my parents' house. It does take getting used to. When I visited them New Year weekend, I was happy to see how my brother has started to settle in his new room.

I can truly say things happen at their own time. I don't think I would have been truly prepared and more accepting of the challenges moving has if I had moved a few months prior. This time, everything fits, down to the initial frustration of not having everything you were used to at home and eventually grasping the fact that it is because you have moved. But I see it as my ongoing adventure. The saga continues.

Currently listening to: Everytime I See You, Fra Lippo Lippi
Currently reading: The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan
Currently feeling: relaxed yet contemplative


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