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Missing Home

Posted on: January 8, 2006

I miss home. The smell, feel, look, sound of familiarity that I have grown accustomed to for I don't know how long. Although the setting has changed somewhat as to room arrangement, it is still a familiar kind of strangeness. Making my own home was my choice. I don't regret it for a second. If anything, it has made me look forward to my visits; for the opportunity to chat with family, to catch up and swap stories.

Since I moved out about three weeks ago, I have spent every weekend at my parents' house: (1) to spend New Year's Eve with them; (2) to do laundry (I won't do laundry at my place yet as there is no washing machine with a spin dryer. Yeah, I have grown accustomed to that, too); (3) to check personal email and surf for things not related to the office (yes, I am that paranoid about it being logged to the server and IT/Admin finding out). As time goes by, these visits will lessen, but it will nonetheless assuage the feeling of missing home. I am finding that it is a good feeling. Sometimes.

Currently listening to: the chirping of the birds outside my brother's window
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