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Give Yourself To Me

Posted on: January 17, 2006

Let me let you give yourself to me.

In every relationship, I always give the person the benefit of the doubt. When I say relationship, I mean all kinds: friendship, work relationship, familial, romantic, platonic, etc.

I am picky when it comes to people I let into my circle of friends precisely because I ask only that they give of themselves freely. I don't force anyone to spend time with me, to be there for me, to do fun or crazy things with me, to give me the time of day.

But it doesn't mean that just because you can give freely at a certain point in time that I can do the same. If I cannot reciprocate, don't take it against me. Although I cannot stop anyone from doing so, I make no apologies. I have a lot of things to fill up my day, and you may or may not be at the top of that list. Forgive me, I am but human and can only do so much in any given time and situation. But when I do have the time, you will certainly feel me give of myself to you freely and completely.


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