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Of Horoscopes and Coincidences

Posted on: January 22, 2006

My Horoscope for January 22, 2006

Pretend that you're working undercover on an extremely exciting assignment. You've got a top-secret mission to accomplish, and you're determined to go it alone. Your first priority, of course, will be to dash out and pick up all the accessories any Mata Hari or James Bond would need: dark sunglasses, digitally-locked briefcase and lots of slick outfits. After that, though, it will be on to the far more practical purchase: a journal. You won't want to forget this month. Guaranteed.

I don't believe in this stuff but here is why this one caught my attention:

Dashing out to pick out accessories.
So me! I was at the mall with G, to pick out a bridal shower present for my friend and I ended up buying stuff for myself, too!!

The far more practical purchase: a journal.
Self-explanatory. I have 4 on the way but they are stuck in transit. Oh well, if they don't get here soon, I will have to go buy some more. Sigh.

You won't want to forget this month. Guaranteed.
Definitely. I got struck with a totally mind-numbing suggestion that became a reality just four days into the new year. I won't forget that for sure. The current job-hunting exercise that is in full swing is making me restless. I am not a patient person. Waiting is not for me. The bridal shower for my friend Iwiz, which was a lot of fun and hilarious, is something one doesn't forget easily either. The invite to Boracay, all expenses paid, was the best thing to happen to me this month. That and the fact that 2 or 3 other friends can go with me with the same perks is such an added bonus!

Did I mention I am going to Boracay April 12-16 all expenses paid?

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