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April’s Fool

Posted on: April 2, 2006

If there is truth to the saying "A fool and his money are soon parted." then that fool would be me. In two days I spent almost half my month's salary on new sofa, industrial fan and dvd player. Not to mention a thousand more on beach clothes and loads of frozen or iced drinks. Don't ask me how many times I got brain freeze. This summer heat is enough to make me want to stay indoors where there is a/c running 24/7 or stay in an iced tub of water until my skin turns blue, wrinkled and my digits ready to fall off from frostbite. Ok, I am exaggerating on the last part. 😉

Today, I was so busy arranging, rearranging and cleaning house. Talk about exhaustion central. But at day's end, when I view what I have accomplished, the tiredness is forgotten. In its place is a sense or accomplishment and ownership. Slowly, this place I come home to is becoming my own.


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Hmm, new place, and a new space here. Welcome to WordPress and the open source movement, it’s about time 🙂 I’ll launch my new space when my hosting’s finalized, hehe.

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