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All Written Out

Posted on: April 19, 2006

Starting today I will be using a new journal. This means I have to buy that molskine I have been wanting before the year is out. Too bad this isn't available in Cebu. Shopping online is the pits when you are in the Philippines – it's not the price that'll kill you. It's the shipping cost, which, sometimes can be more than what the item itself costs. Ridiculous. Well, if the Manila trip pushes through at the last quarter of the year, I will have to be sure to buy not just one. I can ask friends to buy it for me, but it is just not the same as shopping for it yourself. Half of the fun is browsing through all them all and choosing which one calls out to you to make it your own. Luck to me, then! 😉


2 Responses to "All Written Out"

‘going old school, eh? don’t you think that makes it harder having a blog and a personal journal? you can always post your personal experiences here and share it with us. :mrgreen:

I have always kept a journal since I was… nevermind. 😛
It is not difficult having both a blog and a personal journal. There is something about the act of writing itself that is therapeutic for me. And I don’t need internet connection whenever I feel the urge to write my thoughts. 😉

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