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Interesting Text-Chat

Posted on: April 24, 2006

Earlier, I was watching Deadwood and CSI Season 4 on dvd while texting with my bestfriend. She and I got to talking about life and relationships. Once again, she tells me to Live in the moment. You think too much. You don’t have to understand Life. Just live it.

The words conspiracy theory began to form in my subconscious. The episode titled Butterflied of CSI Season 4 was on a similar theme: losing opportunities and chances because we let work consume us and life pass us by. During my chat with Michael, the subject of me holding back came up. Then the text messages with Maryann. And of course, the theme of that one CSI episode.

What Maryann said about living life instead of wasting time thinking about it, and all of us having clocks against which we don’t know when our time is up, is true. She has been telling me that since last year. Something snapped in me tonight. I finally embraced this truth. But that is not to say I will be throwing caution to the wind. I will proceed with cautious steps at first, see how it goes. I have always believed that life is wonderful. Now it is time to stop watching from the sidelines: take that leap of faith but with eyes open; heart and soul ready to embrace life more fully.

2 Responses to "Interesting Text-Chat"

life happens when we’re busy making plans. 😉

yeah. even shit happens when you aren’t planning anything. 😛

i know i am off-tangent there but it’s been a wasted day. 😀

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