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Posted on: May 5, 2006

  • Pai is my dad's special name for me. He has never called me Fay. Ever. The time I hear my dad call me by my first name would most likely have me reeling from shock. I never allowed anyone to call me Pai until I was in college. For the simple reason that I felt no one had the right to call me that but my dad. Silly notion, I know. But there it is. Now, some friends call me Pai, while some call me Faye (pronounced Fah-yee). That in itself is another story that has its origin during my senior year in HS.
  • 318 stands for my birth month and birth day.
  • I would have been the eldest and only girl in a family of 4 except that mom had miscarriages twice. How cool is it to have 3 brothers? Cooler still would be the fact that I would have reigned supreme but at the same time have the protectiveness threefold.
  • I didn't get into blogging until 2004. It felt surreal and uncomfortable to be exposing my thoughts to a public I can or cannot put a face to. Now I am comfortable with it and welcome comments. I like knowing that whoever read it has somethng to say in response to what I wrote.
  • I prefer to talk to people in person. Nothing beats listening to someone's voice, see their facial expressions, look into their eyes to see what hidden thoughts lie there (or at least try and see anyway), observe their body language.
  • It used to bother me a lot when people mispronounce or misspell my name. Now, I can live with it. Sometimes.
  • I can talk about anything when I am in the mood. But when I don't want to talk or tell anyone anything, it will take a lot of time and effort to pry it out of me.
  • I like sports and being outdoors.
  • I live for adventure but will draw the line at sheer recklessness and stupidity.
  • I like long drives, taking walks, going to the beach, watching sunsets, riding roller coasters, dancing and crossword puzzles.

1 Response to "About the Author"

fay, i feel so guilty coz i always, and i say always call you faye (although i don’t pronounce it fahyee in my head). my apologies again. from now on, i’ll make sure i only write FAY, hehe. btaw, this tagging thing is interesting. we’re getting to know some things from people we call friends, which otherwise we will never know. thank you for sharing yourself.

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