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Going Once, Going Twice

Posted on: May 6, 2006

Starbucks twice in one day. Who would've thought? Yesterday I went to Starbucks Ayala twice – once at midday and the other at night time. The former was a business trip for the team courtesy of the client, the latter was so Bookee and I could catch up on a little business discussion of our own. Of course, the biz discuss lasted barely 30 minutes. The rest of the time was spent catching up on how each of our week went.

Since Monday, I have been on some sort of a time warp: Monday I thought was Tuesday; Tuesday I thought was Wednesday and so on. If not for Y101's Friday Gold Rush yesterday, I would have thought yesterday was Saturday. I almost didn't get out of bed in time this morning because I was thinking it was Sunday. What in the name of all things good is wrong with me?!!


what's in my bag: wallet, hairbrush, kikay bag, sunglass case, poem journal, zebra 0.5 arrow tip pen, neil gaiman's american gods, keys, mobile phone. yes, the dang thing is heavy.


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