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Holy freaking…. NO!!!

Posted on: May 8, 2006

My silent scream. I froze momentarily, stood up and gingerly picked up the phone and clicked End Call. Of course, the phone fell before I could disconnect. So there is a good chance the three people on the other side of that call had their eardrums split in a few places. Sigh. I had a good feeling about that interview. I hope that didn't blow it for me.

Rewind. I got a call early morning about a phone interview for 4pm. This was good news for me as this was supposed to have happened last week but didn't go too well due to sked conflicts. Today, though, everything seemed to be going right. Nothing was amiss as I went about my errands in the morning. But then I was being too optimistic – the day was just halfway over. It started happening at 5pm. As I was saying Thank you and Goodbye to my interviewers, I turned my chair around to face my desk and my mobile phone slipped from my hand, dropped to my desk, slid across to the edge, and fell to the floor. I didn't know what to do. I just sat there looking at my phone, more worried about the interviewers hearing all that ruckus than checking my unit for any damage. Now, all I can do is shake my head as I recall the incident. My phone seems to have survived its fall. No damage. At least.


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