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To Blog or Not To Blog

Posted on: May 8, 2006

… is no longer the question. I have been blogging and not writing in my journal for the same reason previously mentioned in an earlier post. It hasn't changed. A lot of thoughts are racing through my mind and I either write them on air or write them here. They are not going to be penned and reread at some other point in time. I reread my old journals and they don't invoke the same emotions they once did. When I read again my entry about my maternal grandpa's death, years after, I would still feel an ache and the sense of loss. Now, I don't feel that anymore. It is the same thing with all the other entries. I cannot relate to my then feelings of angst, happiness, excitement, grief, passion, the lust for life. If there is one thing worthy of note (for me anyway), it is that I have seen how my writing style changed with time; how my thought pattern has evolved. One thing constant – I have and will always write about my thoughts and my feelings. I have never written about politics and what my thoughts on this topic are; or what is happening in the world at large. Unless it affects me in a way that is closer to home, I don't think I have much of an opinion. So this, then, is better than journaling (is there such a word?) because it saves trees. Or so I would like to think.


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