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Summer Rain

Posted on: May 11, 2006

The summer rain brings nostalgia…

  • Sundays spent on a beach in Talisay; Hanz and I playing and swimming until our fingers and toes look like prunes and our skins a deep brown with red spots because of sunburn; Mama looking out at us as we frolicked while Papa tried to catch up on sleep as he was working two jobs then;
  • summers spent with my uncle and his family in Iligan City; dips into the cool waters of Timoga; hiking to Maria Cristina Falls; feeling like my heart would burst from my chest as we went down then climbed up the stone steps leading to and from Tinago Falls; early mornings when the cousins and I (all 10-15 of us) would go jogging; exploring the rest of the town on my own;
  • summer classes in Bacolod City; visiting with old friends and classmates; re-learning to speak Ilonggo-Hiligaynon because years of disuse made me understand what was said but not speak it as fluently as before; long drives to the warm springs near Mt. Kanlaon; field trips to the old Spanish houses in the haciendas of the old and monied Spanish-Filipino families of yesteryears; eating sugarcane with friends, after a long day of playing volleyball; the day-long Bacolod-Cebu-Bacolod or Cebu-Bacolod-Cebu land trips;
  • playing tubig-tubig with my cousins under the light of the moon; enrolling in junior life guard class to be able to watch over my brother and cousin Julius as they go about their swimming lessons; learning how to ride a bike, motorcycle and drive a car; climbing to the roof of the house at night to watch the stars.

Yep, the summer rain brings back a lot of happy memories of summers gone but not forgotten.


something I lost yesterday: my favorite red handkerchief. grr.


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