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For My Mom on Mother’s Day

Posted on: May 12, 2006

When night falls and shadows grow long
I turn on the lights and we eagerly wait
For Mama to come home
When she does, Hanz and I would run for a kiss,
A hug and maybe some treats;

In the kitchen she would then be
preparing our night time repast
a happy and blissful activity;
As kitchen aromas pervade the house
Our noses are tickled
Making focus on homework just a little bit hard;

When supper is done
And school stories told
Homeworks checked
Playthings kept
And bedtime prayer said
We run to Mama again
For a hug and kiss and a loving “Good night”
Before we climb into bed
To rest our happy, weary heads.

Years have passed
Oh, how we have grown
But the love and care Mama has shown
Will forever be kept close
Like a beacon guiding us home
As we go through life on our own
Reminding us how she and her love are constant
Never to sway or wane.


I am so lucky to be her daughter. The apple does not fall far from the tree and all that. 😉

I love you, Ma. Always.


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