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Swooning Over Yorn & Moon

Posted on: May 19, 2006

I had deleted my Myspace account months ago but would still check my friends’ profiles every now and then, see if they have updates or new photos. As I was browsing over Greza’s profile, I found a new artist among her friend list: Matthew Moon. I listened to the four songs he has on Myspace Music and I really like them, especially It’s Alright and More Than I Can Give.

G has Pete Yorn in her friend list, too. I checked out his music and I like his beat and lyrics. Right now, I can’t get enough of Pass Me By from Day I Forgot album.

Another artist I have listened to on Myspace Music and who was on my friend list before is Timothy Daniel. He isn’t as good as Yorn and Moon but give him time. He just might surprise us all.

song of the day: All I Have, Snow Patrol
currently listening to: Strange Condition, Pete Yorn

Sidebar: Thanks, Bookee! These artists are wonderful finds!! Let’s start buying the cds? 😀

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