streaks across my psychedelic sky

A Reaction to Text

Posted on: May 22, 2006

We sometimes see

the people who truly care about us


We wander around

searching for the person

who will truly make us happy

but we just end up hurting because

we always end up with someone we love

rather than someone who loves us more.

We always think

that who we love will make us happy.

But the fact is,

true happiness is not just about loving

but being loved in return.



I don’t agree with this 100% although it has some truth to it. I guess I have become jaded when it comes to Love and all things Romantic. It isn’t easy to try and work on your faults, doubts and fears only to find, once again, that it was for nothing. You grow as a person. Sure. But still, I chastise myself for allowing my head and heart to believe it was real; for letting my guard down; for hoping that this time was better. Yet despite what has happened, I find that I am not bitter. Life should be lived, yes. But one should know when to let go when it is time to do so. This used to be something I had to struggle with. Now I find that it isn't as difficult to do so when there is acceptance. Some people come into our life and make an impact. Others we come in contact with to herald a change in us and maybe in themselves, also. No matter what the purpose nor time frame, fact remains that we touch one another when we let ourselves live life. I believe this to be true. However, I would like to take a moment to go back into my sanctuary for a little while longer as I let Time do its thing.


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