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Migration is Hard Work

Posted on: May 31, 2006

No, I don't mean physically going some other place. I mean migrating your blog posts from your old blog site to your new home. I did say that I will not do that but something happened last night. I was in a good mood but then suddenly I was not. It's like something just snapped and I was in a very, and I do mean very, anti-social mood. I had to apologize to a friend early this morning for the miscommunication last night about friggin' memory sticks, of all things.

For lack of anything to occupy my time, and since I didn't want to go to bed yet, I thought it would be good to transfer some of my good (eh?) posts from the other blog site to my WordPress home. Piece of cake, I thought. Wrong! The Import feature works only for Blogger and Typepad so I got stuck doing it manually. I didn't mind at first as I needed to just do something without having to think if what I was doing was right or if someone was going to have to be rushed to the emergency room because I wasn't paying attention.

I had to read and wade through my 1.5 years worth of posts to see which ones I felt deserved to be included here. It was amusing to find that I answered some really wacky web quizzes that had some cool and not so cool results. Delete. Nope, not wasting space and time migrating them here. Reading some of my old posts made me sit up and take stock. It was like reading something I should be writing right now because something similar was happening to me. History repeating itself? Too darn true to ignore. Which means one thing: I have not learned the lesson. Jumping Jehosaphats!! What?!! Ohh… Not good. Not learning the lesson means I will keep repeating the same pattern. The only way to move to the next step is to get it right. These older posts serve a purpose after all.


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