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Posted on: June 1, 2006

It is a hectic day at the office although seemingly quiet at first glance. Got invited to a Mac party, 9pm at After Hours. Almost forgot about it, too. That's what PDA's are for. Duh. I had planned on going home for a change of clothes before heading to the party venue. But I am starting to feel tired. Last night was the first time I went to bed and slept at 11:30pm. All I did the past few nights was toss and turn in bed, the Sandman eluding me. So if I go home, it won't be to change into party clothes; it would be to take a shower and crash. Better to not go home if I want to attend this party. If anyone mistakes me for the hired help – I am wearing black cargo jeans, forest green shirt and black wedge sandals — I will not fault them for it.

What do I know about a Macintosh? Nothing. Let's see if I get deep ed(ucation) about macs or if I would just be drooling over them pretty things within reach but I can't afford. Yet.

2 Responses to "Mismatch"

its a party not a seminar. 😛

Your point being? I just go there enjoy the food and the sights? 😛

But really… I was trying out for sarcasm. 😀

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