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Mac Party

Posted on: June 2, 2006

Invite was for cocktails so we first stopped by Hai Phong for dinner. At a little past 9pm, we went to the party venue. It was in full swing. I was happy to see a familiar face, my good friend Raki. It may have been a Mac party but that didn't stop us from talking shop. I learned about the things that make a Mac something to want to have. The features are so neat and user friendly, but it is powerful despite the compact size. We had fun and yes, we drooled. Obviously.

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5 Responses to "Mac Party"

Macs are great but too much money

So true…

What I don't like about the mac, is that there isn't much games to play with it. BUT, it is now possible because Apple launched Boot Camp so that your intel-based macs can run Windows XP.

I would say, cool, worth the price.

Macs may seem really desirable at first with their sexy looks and hefty price tags, but then you own one for a while, and the magic starts to disappear… just like a woman 😛

A woman comes with a hefty price tag? 😛

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