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Headwire, Anyone?

Posted on: June 16, 2006

Better than a bullet being fired
Tangled in your headwires now

– Foo Fighters

Earlier, I joked that I need my head examined. The reason: I revised the whole discussion flow for tomorrow's seminar. Great. I just gave myself more work. What was I thinking?! I had everything down pat by Wednesday night. But last night I realized that I was giving the seminar to supervisors and team leads, not managers. The module concentrated on topics for managers. I spent the better part of the afternoon doing research and revisions. I guess it begs the question: What did I care? Sigh. I can't do a half-bake job. I am not saying that to gain praise. I am that serious when it comes to work. I feel like I owe it to the participants to do as thorough of a job as I possibly can.

Now, I am satisfied. Now, I can haul my tired but contented and smug self home.


FIVE Grateful Bows to Poldo, Jan and Marianne for all the help in preparing documents and other materials.

1 Response to "Headwire, Anyone?"

Woah! I see my name! I’m famous! I better get an agent or something…:mrgreen:

Anyway, you’re welcome Fay. 😉

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