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My Music: Ashley Parker Angel

Posted on: June 19, 2006

Michael introduced me to Ashley Parker Angel about a month or so ago with the song Let U Go. A few weeks back he shared 6 more songs from Ashley's 12-track album, Soundtrack To Your Life. I don't think this album is available here yet; by here, I mean Cebu. I checked out the music stores for this and Pete Yorn's latest album and they haven't even heard of Ashley Parker Angel. For those who want to read reviews for this album, check here.

A little trivia about the artist: "… you might remember the original group from ABC's The Making Of The Band, O-Town and if you remember O-Town then you might remember me, Ashley Parker Angel." Taken from his bio. Check out his site.


Feel So Alive
I got no way of knowing exactly where I'm going,
But I feel so alive.
Everything is changing, life is rearranging,
But I feel so alive,
So alive.

Beautiful Lie
How you gonna say you're never gonna leave me lonely?
How you gonna say you're never gonna walk away?
Knowing that you'd break me if you ever say goodbye,
So you keep on telling me that everything will be alright,
And it's a beautiful lie.

What went wrong with you and me?
This is my apology.
'Coz even when I fall asleep, you stay with me,
You stay with me.
Every letter that you wrote stays with me,
And every promise that I broke, stays with me,
And everything that's left inside, stays with me,
It stays with me.


4 Responses to "My Music: Ashley Parker Angel"

Ashley = Guy. Weird. 😕

Isn’t that one of those “can-be-boy-or-girl” names? 😀

Like Leslie (not Lesley). They say that it was originally a guy’s name before it became more popular as a girl’s name. 😉

Maybe he’s gay! :mrgreen:

He just became a dad a few weeks ago. Give it up. 😛

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