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Crank It Up

Posted on: July 19, 2006

To Do list:

  • Work;
  • Finish the first post and its About page;
  • Finalize the lesson for Sunday class;
  • Study for the next session and possible exam for my German language class on Saturday;
  • A novel to finish (just under 40 pages left) and a few more to start;
  • Housework (ugh!);
  • A cute godson and his wonderful mom to visit this weekend;
  • Dinner with the family (been a while…);
  • Get rid of this virus or whatever that is causing me to have this headache and a slight temp.

Done list:

  • Have caffe latte (my own mix) when I shouldn’t be having caffeine (emphasis on shouldn’t);
  • Post nothing on my blog for three days;
  • Start writing again in my once-neglected journal;
  • Learn the lesson and let go of old habits and way of thinking (this is more WIP than anything else);
  • Catch up on reading my online comics.

Thinking of Doing list:

  • Rub some asswipe’s (Maryann’s term) sanctimonious face in a piece of evidence found. No, this is not me being mean. I hate pretentions. I am vain, I am judgmental. Yes, that is a known fact among my circle of friends. But I try to be as real as I can be.
  • Start the mini-book project by August.

1 Response to "Crank It Up" :O

that segues so smoothly into mormon sunday school đŸ˜‰

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