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Turning German

Posted on: July 28, 2006

No, not really. But I thought it would be cool to adapt this title for this post, a ripoff of an 80’s song. Today is Friday and it is Friday Gold Rush on Y101. I had my first German language class two Saturdays ago and didn’t have lessons last week because all my other classmates had prior engagements. Which means that instead of ending the class on August 5, it will be August 12. The German language is a bit of a tongue twister: w pronounced like v, j sounds like y, etc. But I am having fun learning. I want to practice and at least be able to carry a decent enough conversation by year end. I’m glad Chiki and I are in the same class. I have someone I can practice with. I don’t know about writing in German, though. All those ie’s and ch’s… Hmm… One at a time. I’ll get there soon enough.

Song of the moment:
You’re like no one else that I have loved before
There’s a certain something in my heart
For the first time in my life I know for sure
You’re the love that I’ve been looking for
– Spend The Night by Earth, Wind and Fire

1 Response to "Turning German"

Alien Conversation

Chiba: Guten Morgen!
Fala: Hallo! Ich bin Fala. Vee heissen Sie?
Chiba: Mein Name ist Chiba.Fala: Freut mich.
Chiba: Gleichfalls.
Fala: Wie geht es ihnen?
Chiba: So lala.
Fala: Woher kommen Sie?
Chiba: Ich komme aus Tibet.
Fala: Jetzt muss ich gehen. A…

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