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For Friendship’s Sake

Posted on: July 31, 2006

The past few days I have been besieged with thoughts about things important but only the mundane ones made me sit and take notice. Case in point: I always seek refuge in work, rather than working on a personal issue. I figure that the latter would be there anyway, no matter how I try to ignore it, on the off-chance that it’ll go away on it’s own and leave me in relative state of bliss. Well, it resolved itself. But not before I had to go through some moments of reverie, sessions with the self and putting myself in the other person’s shoes. At the end of the day, a light heart is all that matters. I am at peace.

And this post is so vague. :mrgreen:


One side of the sms-conversation:

So what made you break the friendship ice?

Oh u smart girl! 🙂 If we were at a candyshop, you deserve loads of candies as a reward, haha! I so agree… you could become really good buddies if you give it a chance.

Oh alleluia! I thought I’d never hear that… 🙂 Just never quit on being happy!!!

– Maryann


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