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Aww, Come on…

Posted on: September 21, 2006

I have a difficult time being patient with people who don’t have an opinion. You know the type: they say Yes or agree with you or anyone they look up to, even if that person is the world’s biggest idiot.


A: Have you tried the (brand) shower gel?
Me: Nope. Is it any good? Smell nice?
A: It is a different kind of (specific scent). But it is ok.
Me: Well, it depends on the mixture, I think. Some scents I don’t like.
B: I like it.
Me: (thinking) What the??!! Who asked you?
A: Here. Smell it.
Me: Mm… don’t like it. But it isn’t really that bad.
A: Well, I like it.
B: Me too.
I smile at them both and think to myself “How did I get mixed up with these two?”

A: Did you watch (name of movie)?
Me: Not yet. My mom wanted to watch it. I think she liked it. I don’t know, though. Have you seen it?
A: Yeah. It was ok. I like it.
Me: Ah ok. I will have to see for myself.
A: Yeah, you should. Let me know what you think of it.
Me: Sure.
B: It is nice. Very nice movie.
Me: (thinking) Geez. Who asked you. Sigh. Deja vu.
Me: I thought you said it was good? I got so bored I fell asleep halfway through the movie.
A: Really? I liked it. & I think B liked it, too.
I smile and think to myself “Goodness. When did B not agree with you. Sigh. Why do I bother.”

People will have the same tastes or have similar views on things, but to agree with someone all the time? That is just plain unheard of. For me, anyway. Even twins disagree. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind. Your views and preferences will not always be the same with everyone else’s but at least they are yours. It is part and parcel of the person that is You. So please, next time you don’t have anything of your own to say, and unless you sincerely agree with someone, do me a favor and keep a lid on it.


6 Responses to "Aww, Come on…"

3 words: End. Their. Misery. :mrgreen:;)

4 words: I don’t care squat. :mrgreen:

haha! chik, you are as bad as poldo 😛

just living up to my name–chiki da bad!
haha but honestly i don’t put up with that kind of behavior… am i meaner than you are? or is it the other way around… lol

p.s pls don’t mind me, i’m just preoccupied 😛

oh, chiki-girl… is that even a valid question?! lol
of course you are meaner than me. :mrgreen:

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