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My First Big Mac

Posted on: September 21, 2006

No dinner last night. A mug of cold chocolate milk at 9:30am. Breakfast? Hardly. I left the office early and met Chiki at the new McDonald’s store at Fuente Osmeña. I didn’t feel that hungry anymore. Or so I thought. But looking at the menu, I didn’t want any of the usual – double cheeseburger meal or quarter pounder meal. I wanted the Big Mac. And the McFlurry. I ordered those while Chiki had the double cheeseburger meal, upsize drink and fries. I kept thinking I may have to embarrass myself and ask the crew to slice the thing into smaller pieces. Well, turns out it’s a Filipino-size Big Mac. It is not as huge as the ones we all see in the Supersize Me movie. That was a relief. Today is the first and most certainly not the last time I order a Big Mac.

4 Responses to "My First Big Mac"

Corrections. The one what you saw from the movie Supersize Me was actually a Quarter Pounder and not Big Mac. We should also have our own supersize me. 😀

Nope, it was a Big Mac. Remember the thin guy with the sideburns who said Burger King paid him $5 to test one of their food (or something like that) and he used the cash to buy a Big Mac? He has eaten like something-thousand Big Macs as of that day.
Hmm.. our own version, huh? With you as the one to do the test? 😀

mmmmmmm..big mac…

the only thing i hate when eating a big mac is all the stuff falls off when you take a bite. it’s too messy. mcdonald’s should solve this…maybe dip it in batter and deep fry the sucker! hehe.

hahaha… i can’t even begin to imagine how it would taste! 😀

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