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Sleep Is Not The Enemy

Posted on: October 26, 2006

What ails you, my friend? Why does sleep elude you?

These words kept running through my head those wee hours of the night as I laid in bed wishing, praying, hoping for sleep. For almost two weeks, the sandman deprived me of his handiwork. My body ached, wanting rest, but sleep would not come. Until the time is just a few ticks before 3am. I don’t know what the deal was. But I hated it. I hated having to wake up bleary-eyed and needing more time for sleep but can’t. Then Sunday, my skin broke out. Wonder of wonders. I haven’t had a skin breakout in ages. I was heading to a crash… and I was waiting with much anticipation.

I must have done something good because last night sleep claimed me at 8:30. The next time I opened my eyes, the clock said 4:03am. Almost eight hours of dreamless, uninterrupted, wonderful slumber. Did I notice a change in my disposition today? Definitely. I have more patience for petty things. I am more understanding of little lapses. Posers and their work I just laugh off and don’t bother with. I like being back to my routine: at the office bright and early; getting more things done; taking care of employee concerns as they happen; generally having a good feeling all throughout the day; not sick and feeling crappy.

How I wish I knew what it was I did or didn’t do that made me sleep that well last night. I want to do it every night to get the same results. But, I am not going to think about it too much, lest I lose sleep over it.


4 Responses to "Sleep Is Not The Enemy"

i have a remedy for that… try this new chinese vitamin, i guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby. the downside is, you’re gonna gain some weight in the process but maybe if you take it 1 wk straight, then you’ll have ur much needed sleep. been taking it for a few days and it works for me…

is that the melatonin stuff? hmm… i had 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night so it is still good. 🙂 i am confident (ahem!) i will be catching up on sleep this weekend, too.

you have been taking the chinese vitamins to help you sleep? hmm… what ails you, my friend? why does sleep elude you? 🙂

i dunno what other stuffs were in it, it smells like tea hehehe… at least you’re back on track, hope you get enuf sleep this weekend 🙂

nope, i’m trying to gain some weight coz i am disappointed with the way i look– vain? 😀
people might get the idea that i am anorexic haha

what ails you, my friend? why does sleep elude you? —maybe i’m in love? nyahahahaha

aha!! in love, huh? hmmm… hmm… hmm… 😛

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