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Straight Lies

Posted on: October 26, 2006

Twisted tales, sob stories, white lies. I am tired of hearing them. Whatever happened to good old honesty? Now that I think about it, Billy Joel had reason to write that song and to describe it as “such a lonely word / everyone is so untrue.” I want to believe the best of people but they disappoint. That is hardly a crime. We are human and we make mistakes. But to keep mouthing off about morals, values, principles and then turn around and try to justify something that is against these three because it suits your personal interest is insulting. If you must lie, don’t bother trying to justify it because it won’t do any good.

I know I sometimes draw a fine line between truth and a lie when there is a need. And I use the word need in the sense to mean possible life and death, or to spare someone’s feelings. I don’t feel the need to shatter someone’s self esteem just so I can be stone cold principled. There is such a thing as compassion.

Twisted tales, sob stories, white lies. If you must use one of them for your own end, be sure that you can deal with the consequence. And… learn to use them with a straight, matter-of-fact face.


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