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Come Lightning, Come Thunder

Posted on: October 27, 2006

There is a storm heading for Manila (or has it arrived?) but silly me can’t get sad over the fact. Why? Two words: thunder, lightning. I love the sound of thunder – the kind that makes you think a tectonic plate just about made the earth surface break. I like watching the sky light up as lightning streaks across it in a split-second, sometimes making me feel like I just got a glimpse of what it can be like to be blind. Both have a certain effect on me. Makes me marvel at how big the world and how miniscule man is. Yet we live and breathe as if the world revolves around us, instead of the other way around. Whatever and however it makes anyone feel, I like rainy days. I like them even better when they bring lightning and thunder. Hot cocoa and marsmallows, anyone?


3 Responses to "Come Lightning, Come Thunder"

I know. The only thing I love more than sleeping in to the sound of a storm is playing piano to the sound of a storm 🙂

Ame no oto de uta ga tsukureta nara
Kawakanai uchi ni kimi ni okurenakucha
Kumo ni nosete kimi no kasa no ue ni

If I could make a song with the sound of rain
Then I would have to send it to you before it dries
Riding a cloud above your umbrella

Playing piano to the sound of a storm,huh? Can you even hear yourself play? :mrgreen:

Hey, that is nice. Is that yours or copied from someone else? 🙂

It’s from a song by Kiyoshiro Imawano 🙂

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