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I got the sniffles.

Posted on: November 9, 2006

I don’t know if this is brought about by sudden changes in the weather – one minute it is so warm and sunny, next minute there’s heavy downpour with booming thunder and some lightning, still the next minute it’s like there never was rain – but it is a pain to be walking around feeling like you are going to sneeze any second or not smell anything.

I don’t mind the thunder and lightning nor the heavy downpour but it sure sucks when it happens and you are still in the office. Especially at AS Fortuna where a little rain can cause heavy traffic because of street flood. The local government is doing a facelift of the city for the ASEAN summit next month. I wish they would include repairs to the sewage system not only at this street but at Banilad, as well.

OK, so I got the sniffles. It doesn’t get me off work. But some chicken arroz caldo or pospas would be very welcome. Right about… now.


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