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Destination: Siargao

Posted on: November 27, 2006

November 23, Thursday | I reported to work carrying my backpack, tripod and sling bag. I couldn’t believe I would be well on my way to Siargao by the next day. At 6pm, I was off to Pier 1 for my 7pm boat ride to Surigao City via Maasin. I had not been on a boat trip for a long time so I was pleasantly surprised at the security checks in place.

November 24, Friday | I woke up early and went to the deck to take sunrise pictures. At the boat cafeteria, I had some wafers and hot choco drink. I started talking with a nun – Sis Valerie, Order of St. Paul – and she told me wonderful stories about her family, the work that she did, how beautiful Surigao Sur was. I enjoyed that random conversation. The boat docked at Surigao City by 8am, enough time for me to catch the fastcraft for Siargao which they tell me leaves at 9am. I was in for a surprise, though, when I got to the ticket office – the fastcraft engine had to be replaced. No other means of going to Siargao except by the slow boat which leaves at noon. Hmm… 3.5 hours to kill. Oh well, breakfast and a tour of Surigao City it is then. The people are very friendly. Manong tricycle driver told me where places were and pointed out their Luneta Park. Cool. I took pictures there and visited the Catholic church across the street. The church had a security guard!! Wow. That’s a first. I have never seen a Catholic church in Cebu City that had a security guard stationed at the church doors. Manong guard was very accommodating, though, and allowed me to take pictures inside the church eventhough there were people communing with the Creator. By 10:50am I headed for the port so I can choose a good seat as the ticket did not bear seat numbers. It was a slow, uneventful four-hour boat ride to Siargao. I arrived at 4pm; the promised white van was there ready to whisk me away to the resort. I enjoyed the 30-minute drive and took in the country scenery. By 6pm I was enjoying a swim at the pool; 7pm dinner time (corn soup, grilled pork chops); 8pm full body massage; 10pm lights out. I had a 5:44am date the following day – sunrise photos!

November 25, Saturday | Woke up early and lugged my tripod and cam to the beach for some sunrise shots. I believe I got some pretty nice ones. I opted for just a choco drink for breakfast. I was excited about the scheduled island hopping at 8am. It rained as Manong Eddie steered the boat toward Naked Island, our first stop. Rain stopped after a few minutes and I was welcomed by a searing sun at Naked Island. Next stop was Daku Island. Fine white sand and strong lovely waves did it. I couldn’t concentrate on taking pictures. I wanted to swim!! I walked on the beach for a little bit; my feet sank ankle deep in the fine white sands. The strong waves hitting the shore acted like a hammock that pushed and then pulled at you. Last stop, Guyam Island. It was there that I finally felt hunger pains and enjoyed the pork barbecue I brought along. It was at this last stop that I made some new acquaintances. They invited me to visit Cloud 9 Resort, to watch the surfers. We went to the place at about 4pm. I was thrilled when I saw the big waves. And it was low tide, too. A few surfers were there waiting for the tide to rise so they can have some serious fun. I went back to where my new friends were staying and we spent a few hours chilling and taking pictures of the beautiful rest house of a prominent family who graciously let them stay at the place. I headed back to my resort at 8pm and enjoyed reading the novel I brought with me before drifting off to sleep.

November 26, Sunday | All packed and ready to leave by noon. At 1pm I was on the white van again, this time headed the opposite direction – to the Siargao port. At least this time, it would only be a two-hour boat ride since the fastcraft engine was fixed. I arrived at Surigao port by 5pm. I didn’t go anywhere anymore. I opted to head straight for the boat that would take me to Cebu. I was able to take sunset photos from the deck. I prepared for sleep at 10pm. I know that by 5am the next day, I would be on a taxi bound for home.

The trip to Siargao was one that I am glad I did on my own. It might have been nice to have someone there with me but I enjoyed it more because I was alone, basking in all that beauty and doing whatever it was that I wanted. It was the perfect getaway from the city and all things associated with city living. I can’t wait to go back and stay a little while longer.


I want to say thank you to JML for the resort recommendation, the tips and advice about how to get there, places to go to, islands to visit. πŸ™‚

Pictures, pictures, pictures


11 Responses to "Destination: Siargao"

OMG, faye those pictures are GOLD! sell them! πŸ™‚

thanks. πŸ˜€ now if i can only find buyers…

thats ryt surigao is a beautiful place….

visit also brgy.Cantugas in Mainit.

nice pictures… i’m from cebu but i was born in surigao. i also surf cloud9 regularly. i’m loving the pics especially the tower coz i’m stuck here at work in cebu and i’m missing the island. thanks!

shakas! and see you in the islands.


I wish I can view the photos… it says Page can’t be found in Goggle.. ::(((

Erick C.

PS. I and my cousin plan to visit Siargao by the end of May 2007.. we are from Cagayan de Oro City….

Hi Erick,
Oopss… so sorry. I have updated the link. πŸ™‚
I know you and your cousin will enjoy your visit to Siargao.
I have been thinking about going to CDO for whitewater rafting and enjoy the sights and sounds of the place. πŸ™‚

I totally agree that Siargao is a wonderful place to take your mind off everything. If you had more time you should have seen Sohoton Cove. To me, it’s the best place to commune with nature.

Thanks for stopping by, Ann Marie. πŸ™‚ Yep, I was told Sohoton Cave is not to be missed. I will not miss it next time. πŸ˜‰

Various of folks write about this matter but you said really true words!!

Been there. I’m a non-surfer but I really enjoyed the place. The island hopping was fun and the accommodation was really good. The people there are nice. It was one experience I would never forget.

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