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2006 Look-back

Posted on: December 15, 2006

The Power to Understand is the Power to Change and Grow. – Christian Carter

This has been a year of changes. Some of them I went thru painfully – I can still feel the burn on my skin, the prick on my mind, the sere in my bones. But it has all been good. Really. I learned some hard and fast lessons. Lessons I knew to be truth but defied because this is who I am. Wrong. That is who I was. The pride I have kept intact and waved like a banner for all to see has been tossed, like foam on the waves at sea. But I am not broken. Instead, it has made me more resilient and accepting of life’s truths.


And I write this not because I am feeling nostalgic. I write this because I am freaking sick of the thought of my blog not being updated. I have been up to my eyeballs in  work and other home stuff to take care of I don’t even go online at home anymore. Hah! Payment for the dsl sub for this month is so friggin’ wasted.


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and i wouldn’t want your blog to feel neglected of comments, so here you go >:D

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