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The Bag Did It

Posted on: December 23, 2006

It’s a mini-war trying to snag a ride on an early Friday evening. But more so yesterday since it is but 3 days until Christmas Day itself. The signs on top of the taxis that are supposed to let the commuting public know whether the cab is available or not just cannot be trusted anymore: Vacant when in fact there are passengers; Occupied when there may or may not be any passengers. But I guess, technically, the cab is constantly occupied because the driver hardly qualifies as a blow up dummy although sometimes they do act like one. I stood at the sidewalk for 30 minutes until I finally decided I had had enough and took the jeepney home then transferred to another jeepney bound for Ayala mall because I had to meet my mom and brother. I was hungry and so not in a festive mood by the time I got to the destination. My mood changed as the 3 of us dined and talked. Since the malls now close late (11:00pm), we had plenty of time to spare before heading home. I welcomed the chance to let my brother pick the gift he wants: a new bag. I smiled, happy that my dilemma of picking out something for him is finally over. I was rendered speechless when he told me how much it cost and where we can buy it. Holy moly!!! I thought my eyes would pop out of their sockets. I can always say No, of course. But dang… This is my brother. I can never say No when he gives me that signature pretty-please?-smile with the accompanying twinkling eyes. I looked at my mom and she burst out laughing.

Ack! No way! Oh come on, Fay. How often does your brother ask you for something? Me and my big mouth. I did ask.

We paid our bill and headed for the mall shops. Destination: Travel Club. At the boutique, I found out the actual price of the bag my brother wanted. It was twice the amount he mentioned earlier. Typical male that he is, he didn’t even notice the brand: Victorinox.

No wonder the darn thing cost that much. Yeesh.

He didn’t quite know what to do and I appreciated his concern. So I asked him to sell the bag to me and he did. It was such a guy’s bag, which can be worn 3 ways.

Hmm.. Each style is worth 1000 bucks, hence the price. Ohhh-kaaay.

My brother couldn’t quite believe it when I said I was buying it for him. I couldn’t quite believe I did it either but hey, I only have one sib to spoil.

This is worth 3 Christmas gifts, kiddo: 2006-2008! Haha!

We stopped by my parents’ house to drop off the stuff they had bought. My brother kept asking he be allowed to try it on and my mom and I kept saying he had to wait until Sunday. Of course, it was a losing battle. My mom and I finally relented after almost 30 minutes. As we sat there watching him inspect the bag and try the 3 different ways it can be worn, seeing the pure joy on his face, listening to him sing and do a little dance because he was so happy he got the bag he had his eye on… I felt a happiness beyond words. Like I always say, I have only one sibling to spoil and he is well worth it. I hugged, kissed and told him so before he took me home.


2 Responses to "The Bag Did It"

That’s what I said to my mother when we got gifts for Jacob. I only have one child to spoil…for now, hehe. The look on their faces when they open those boxes is all the thanks I’ll ever need. Merry Christmas Ma’am Fay!:)

aww… that is soooo sweeeet! šŸ™‚

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