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Eye Candy

Posted on: December 27, 2006

I should be in bed asleep, but I can’t help it. I stare at it and marvel at how easy it is on the eyes. I can’t wait to get started: work on photos, blog, check and answer emails, read photography magazines and surf to my heart’s content. My brother did something (don’t bother asking me about it; you techies know what he did) to optimize my internet speed and suggested a site that has a reader for free – light and easy. I was worried at first that it won’t fit in my pc table. But surprise, surprise. Perfect fit. What am I blabbing about? My new 19″ widescreen LCD monitor. It is well worth the money.


3 Responses to "Eye Candy"

wow…i’m so green with envy! hehehe

meri xmas!

btw, ur blog’s new look is neat! cool..just right for the season. 🙂

hello, baby bro 😀

yep, i like the new look, too. i am thinking of using it until march 2007 but you know me, i can be fickle especially when i see a new cool theme. :mrgreen:

have a blast celebrating the new year in cdo (i hope you are celebrating it with family). hug cutie harvey for me and do share pics. 🙂

Congrats on the green decision. It saves you up on power consumption and produces less heat. It doesn’t hurt that it looks way more beautiful, no? Pichures, pichures!

Happy new monitor, aw, new year diay! 🙂

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