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Why most MD’s don’t impress me.

Posted on: December 27, 2006

Mom called earlier to let me know the good news: Dad will be out of the hospital later today or tomorrow. The specialist said he didn’t have to spend Christmas confined in the hospital. That made steam rise out of my ears. Neat. Tell the man and his family that after the holidays. The initials after the name should read I.D.I.O.T instead of M.D. Ugh. When we visited dad at the old hospital building, I was already not impressed at the line of doctors’ names tacked to the door. They had diagnosed what was wrong with him, what in the name of all things rational does someone specializing in family medicine have to do with someone already referred to a specialist? More hours logged for this certain ignorant resident MD? I was ready to chew someone out for being a resident who pokes his head where not needed just for the money.

“Your company gives you unlimited coverage, right, Sir?”

Yeah. So? License for you to subject my dad to a battery of unnecessary tests so you all get your cut of the fees? Argh! Enough. I will just keep in mind that my dad is fine and can now go home, where the food is better and he has company.


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