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Skin & the Photographer

Posted on: January 5, 2007

I was bloghopping and stopped by Kristine‘s nook and chanced upon the link to Jim Paredes’ blog and photography sites. His photography portfolio is quite good. Well, to my untrained eye anyway. But you know a good picture when you see one. I am starting to get my feet wet into this world of f-stops, depth of field, wide angle and telephoto lenses, filters, tripods and noteworthy subjects and the Maestro’s Skins portfolio made me sit back and appreciate. I am more of a landscape photographer, that much I have established. I prefer scenery and nature for subjects, even throw in the occasional wildlife, versus portrait photography. But I guess it depends on what you go for. To be a good photographer, you have to understand the technical side of photography as well as have an eye for aesthetic. The Photoworld Manila 2007 event on Feb 1-6 would be something anyone into photography should not miss but… A girl’s got to make a living. And that living says a week-long leave is a no-no. I browsed through the daily course sked and found that the sessions I am interested in happen only on 2 days but hey, you have to shell out the whole registration caboodle if you want in. But I digress…

Looking at the Skins portfolio made me try my hand at portrait photography. Equipment: digicam, check; tripod, check. Location: living cubicle (it is not an entire room so it does no good to call it such) ready, check. Subject: me, uncheck. Ha. Ha. Well, some photos turned out quite alright. One-hand shooting practice using the digicam and phonecam sure helped! But there is a difference when you are the photographer and photographer-subject at the same time. I may try portrait photography after all, and build my own skin portfolio. Anyone who wants to sign up as model-subject has to pass through strict and rigorous standards, though. Number 1 criteria: you have be someone who takes a bath at least once everyday. Now that isn’t asking for much, is it.


4 Responses to "Skin & the Photographer"

like they say practice makes perfect, for everything else use mastercard hehehe…

great to hear that you’re experimenting 🙂

i am glad the weather is a little bit better today. i can’t wait to go up to busay on a starry night or go for a drive on a weekend and just shoot.

you free? 😉

hmmm that sounds like a great idea. i have an appointment on saturday, but i’m free on sunday around 3pm, if you’re free then we can shoot at busay or anywhere else…

u might be interested to join the sinulog photo-contest… reg is at 500…

sadly, we can’t go anywhere on Sun because the ASEAN delegates spouses will have a tour of the city. traffic is going to be hell!! another weekend, perhaps?

hmm.. i don’t feel all that confident to join a photo-contest yet. but i will certainly have fun shooting that day. 😉

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