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Hello, Again

Posted on: January 12, 2007

I was going through my phone book and marveled at the number of people’s contact details I added. It may be a new year but nothing like the last 2 weeks of the old one brings people together. You meet all the friends, acquaintances, relatives, family whom you haven’t seen in like for.e.ever as everyone comes home for Christmas and the end of year-welcome new year celebrations. At the malls with my mom and brother in tow, I met high school batchmates and long-lost friends from college who are here in Cebu on vacation. The stories of how nothing compares with Cebu lechon, chicharon, dinuguan, puso and of course, never be ashamed to mention – mom’s homecooked specialty, whatever it may be – were enough to make me go I so need to eat right now. I haven’t had my mom’s humba in a loooong while so I made like Puss in Shrek 2 with the cute round cat eyes that no one can resist and asked mom to include it in our Christmas family dinner menu. My now tight fit jeans is proof that I helped myself to my heart’s content. Good thing I don’t do NYR or I would be pulling my hair at having to shed poundage that piled on when I was busy stuffing my face. But I digress again…

When you approach batchmates who think you don’t remember them anymore the look on their faces warms the heart. It is a tad bit embarrassing to smile at someone, approach them and go Hi, you are ****, right? It’s me, Fay. I don’t do that often. More often than not, you’ll see me smile, wave, mouth a hi or hello. I know that people are a bit intimidated by me and always thought I was Miss Beauty and Brains in HS – Really now… What?! When?! How?!?! – who they expect wouldn’t remember li’l old them. Wrong, honey. I may have pretty much kept to my clique in school but I do have a good memory for names and faces. So… to all my HS and college batchmates and friends, glad we can keep in touch! Just don’t pry me for any reunion details, ok, beauties? Organizing one when most of you are in different parts of the world is more nerve-wrecking than you think. But we do have tons of fun when we do get together, yes?


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