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Today At the Movies

Posted on: February 7, 2007

Apocalypto is one movie I won’t mind watching again. As always, Mel Gibson not only had me glued to my seat, he had me running through the forest with Jaguar Paw, feeling his frustration, his fear, his worry for the safety of his family, his sympathy for the people from his village who were in the same situation he was. Many times I noticed I was tense and that I had held my breath. The storyline is nothing out of the ordinary. It is the story of a man and what he goes through as his whole village is attacked by another, more prosperous tribe. But sometimes it is not the story but the way the storyteller tells the story that makes a huge difference. I hated the other tribe’s warriors. I was appalled at the human sacrifice made reminiscent of those performed by the Aztecs in ancient times, I cringed everytime there was killing. It seemed so brutal. This is not a feel-good movie. But it certainly makes you sit up and appreciate the things you have which can be so easily taken forgranted.

I also watched Happy Feet. Most people who watched it with their kids said they enjoyed it. Or rather, the kids enjoyed the movie. I was expecting to be entertained and I was. For the first half of the movie, that is. Who can’t help but feel happy, laugh at the antics and dialogue and gush about how cute the penguins – especially the baby penguins – were? Then without warning, the movie turned into this boring clip about the penguin with the happy feet wanting to find out where the heck all the fish went and finding a way to communicate with the evil aliens aka humans into giving the whole penguin population fish. The ending was so un-happy feet like. I was disappointed. The movie was made for kids. The scriptwriter and director should have kept that in mind. I love the environment. I do my share to do what I can: recycle, reuse, segregate. But using a medium like an animated movie targeted for kids then inserting a political statement like saving the environment is pretty lame. Ask one kid who has seen the movie and they won’t say anything about that. Only that the penguins were cute and funny. But I really had fun listening to and watching the antics of the shorter penguins (voice of Robin Williams + a lot of others).

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