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Formerly A Girl Deprived

Posted on: February 13, 2007

I have been singing happy tunes since I learned late last week that McDonald’s no longer has minimum delivery charge for Cebu. Whoopteedoo!! I have been ordering delivery almost every day. No, I am not about to do a Supersize Me, Too movie (pun intended). It’s just that I have gone without McDonald’s for a while now since if I want to have some I have to go to Ayala or order food good for 2 people so I can have it delivered. Well, happy days are here. As I am wont to do, I will order as often as I feel like eating it for breakfast or lunch or dinner then totally stop and go McDonald’s-less for months on end. Oh well… until that day comes, I got 8-McDo on speed dial.   

3 Responses to "Formerly A Girl Deprived"

i should recommend you for the mcdo loyalty awards 😛

oh.. pls do! 😛

I don’t think I’ve ate at any McDonald’s since I was a kid and got a case of food poisoning so bad I ended up in an emergency room…. Not counting the milkshake and coffee I got at a McDonald’s while I was in Japan…. But that wasn’t my idea. I was very much against it 😛

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