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Today’s Silver Lining

Posted on: February 19, 2007

A few minutes short of 10am and already I was ready to punch some SOB for sending me that email. When I get the chance, I am going to print it so I can make him eat it. But I digress even before I have begun. . . But that is fine. I have no wish to record the vile event.

This piece of news, however, makes me happy. Any endeavor, project or organization that does something for the improvement of the education system in the Philippines gets my support. Always. I urge everyone to be part of this in your own way. 


Education woes in our country become almost rhetoric every year, come June, when classes start. Fortunately, there are always more ways than one to help change our educational landscape, and any effort to help mitigate the situation is very much welcome. One such effort is the GILAS project. For its part, the GILAS project aims to close the technological divide that exists between developed and developing countries.

GILAS, which stands for Gearing Up Internet Literacy and Access for Students, is a multi-sector initiative led by Ayala Foundation that aims to wire up all the country’s public high schools to the Internet by 2010.

Even if the project was launched only last year, there have already been a lot of individuals and organizations that have given their commitment to ensure that there are enough resources for the project to push through. They form a consortium of leaders coming from different sectors, from government leaders to low-key donors who simply have a genuine desire to improve our country’s state of education.

At the moment, donations from corporations and individuals hoping to be part of this endeavor keep pouring in, making it possible to sustain the project. But GILAS still has a long way to go, so help is always welcome. Any donations (in the form of cash or check) may be sent to the following address: The Director, GILAS Program, Ayala Foundation, Inc., 10/F BPI Main Bldg., Ayala Ave. corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines, with phone numbers + 632 750 1070.

To be sure that your aid indeed goes to the correct organization and cause, ask for a receipt or acknowledgement of your donation so every penny is accounted for. 🙂


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What e-mail? (^_^;)

nothing important 🙂 thanks for stopping by. hope all is well at your end. 😉

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