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Stay Tuned

Posted on: April 21, 2007

WordPress > AJR asked me the other day if I was still going to blog here.  Well, to be honest, I have thought about closing the site since two months back.  Between the food blog (EMP), the multiply blog, learning photography and work, I just might run out of words to say.  Oh, not to mention the old-school journal.  (I never did stop writing on paper. 🙂 )  But I guess I will find the time if I really want to keep this site going.  But we will see, considering there will be adjustments I have to make when I start at the new job in a few weeks.

EMP > I was busy writing posts for the food blog today but they won’t be up yet.  Not unless G adds the photos real quick.  I have mixed feelings about the direction we are headed with EMP.  Last week, G was approached by a very good friend who conveyed that the outfit she works for is interested in EMP.  On Tuesday, we had a meeting and they presented their business proposal.  It seems like we both are after the same thing so we may give it a go.  But after we have the paperwork done.  So why the mixed feelings?  Because although an event like this is always an exciting one, being a newbie at this has a drawback.  However, since the people we will be partnering with are pros at this, the excitement part stems from this fact.  So now we wait to read the paperwork.  Until then, I will try to keep this blog going as a means to get the word out for EMP and, hopefully, in the next few months or so, the new food blog.  


Quotes for the week: 

Promote.  Promote.  Promote.

Content is king.


4 Responses to "Stay Tuned"

AJR? What silly initials! Poor guy….

You keep a paper journal too? I want to read…! You need to start calling publishers 🙂

aw come on… give the guy a break 😛

From one of your “Other Reads”…

Please continue to write on your blogs.

Thank you for stopping by, Michael. And for the words of encouragement. 🙂 I will certainly try.

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