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Posted on: May 31, 2007

Today has been a day of surprises. But the thing|event|announcement that made an impact was the one that made me lose another friend to the call of “the grass is greener on the other side.” Chiki will leave for Dubai within the month, to pursue one of the things she is passionate about – diving. The one good thing about it is that she and Iwiz will see each other in that oasis in the middle of the desert. It has been so long since the four of us got together. Mind you, SMS to and from that place costs an arm and a leg. Timezones being what they are, it takes some effort to chat.

Although I am sad that another friend will be gone from “within a 5-mile radius” of where I stand, I am happy with the thought that she is venturing out on her own, pursuing her interest, and hopefully, living the life she has always wanted. Cheers, Chiki-girl! I am so dang happy for you! 😀


Sidebar: Chiki-girl, don’t you dare leave without a blast off party!! 😉 :mrgreen:


7 Responses to "Happy-Sad"

whahhhhhh i’m gonna miss hanging out with you. pack your suitcase and come with me na! hehehehe

everyone’s invited to my despidida party at camotes on june 8 hehehe BYOP lang lolz 😀

hah! if i could fit in your suitcase, stuff me in already!! 😀

hmm.. camotes, camotes, camotes….

i’m gonna be sick that day! lolz shhhhhh

whaddya mean you will be sick that day?! 😛

ammm you know nothing about it! you didn’t read my comment here hahahaha

waaaaaahhhhhh!!! mamiya na diay si ziki!!!!!
chik!! bangka nya!! :((

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