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Kahayag’s “Last Night”

Posted on: June 1, 2007

Hmm… It seems to be a week of goodbyes. Yesterday was the “last night” at one of our favorite jaunts – Kahayag Cafe. We were fortunate to happen to drop by for some chorizo rice and we learned the news. We asked where the new location would be and, of course, the opening date. We were told they would not be in operation in the next 3 months; no new location yet. Or none that they can disclose at this time. Hmm…

There are a lot of memories associated with Kahayag Cafe – the food, the fun shared with friends, the conversations, the jam sessions with various artists… Did I mention the food? :mrgreen: To Gina and the rest of the Kahayag Cafe staff, thank you for the good times. I hope the new place will be as good as the old one.

9 Responses to "Kahayag’s “Last Night”"

ahhh kahayag… so full of memories… i’m gonna miss that place, as in really miss it. that place holds a lot of fun-filled & loving memories 🙂

fun-filled … yep!

loving… ?!?! hmm…. who is your partner in this “loving memories” crime? :mrgreen:

loving… ?!?! hmm…. who is your partner in this “loving memories” crime? :mrgreen:

whahahaha sikwet

hi fay! sad to hear that huhu! I soooo love that place because of the sooo many memories eventhough I don’t go there as often as you do. *wink*

hi mayette! oi ha… you may not go there as often but the memories you leave behind are certainly more er… “memorable” and the stuff of legend :mrgreen:

yaiks.. that’s sad. asa na man ta ani mag hang out kung maka anha na pod kog cebu? wahehe….pero cguro by that time, nag open na ang new kahayag! 🙂

don’t worry, li’l bro.. i am sure there will be other places. and you are right. maybe open na ang new kahayag by then. 😀

they’re folding up without me even trying them out…

yep. we thought they would open soon but right now it still seems unlikely. 🙂

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