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Making It Count

Posted on: December 1, 2007

I don’t feel too happy about buying something from a person’s wishlist because I am obligated to do so. I am talking about the office manito-manita here. I guess I feel this way because I don’t know who this person is. We just picked a rolled up paper with a nickname written on it, from a box HR passed around. There will be a wish list (no less than P300) and a bunch of stuff to give for 12 days (each under P20). I prefer that I know who I am buying stuff for. I may not know anything about them at all but at least I can see and observe them, ask their friends what they like or are into.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper. I know whoever is in-charge of these affairs works hard to make them relatively successful. I guess I just feel that the money spent by every person on a particular gift would be better spent if pooled and used to buy necessities needed by certain charitable institutions. After all, if we are going to be giving gifts to strangers, might as well make them really count.


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