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2 on 1

Posted on: April 5, 2008

It was supposed to be a one-on-one meeting but since they hired another director, the 1-on-1’s are now 2-on-1’s. I had the distinct disadvantage privilege of being the first called to the now 2-on-1 once a week meetings. Was I intimidated? Not anymore. About 1-2 hours before my schedule, I was on pins and needles. I couldn’t stay put nor focused. I kept wondering what will be taken up and if I had all the right data to help me if ever there will be mind-boggling questions raised. But since the meeting was delayed 1.5 hours, I was too weary to be tense or apprehensive by the time we finally sat down and started. I was more concerned about not making an oaf of myself by yawning while my bosses are talking to me.

Suffice to say I passed. Which is sober-speak for I was awake the whole 30 minutes and understood what was said. So that’s what a 2 on 1 is like. But that was just the first of many. Who knows, next time, it might not be so short nor so straightforward.


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